Tecnical data sheets

Rayston technical data sheets

Below you will find a list with the download links of the Rayston technical data sheets of the different products that we can offer you at Krypton Chemical. You will find them classified by product categories: products for waterproofing, products for flooring and complementary products. We are working hard to keep the web version of our technical sheets updated at all times, so you can consult them from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions regarding one of our products, or if there is specific sheet missing, do not hesitate to contact us.


Accelerator For PU 2k


Adhesive for PU 1K

Adhesive for PU 2K

Anti-Slip Additive


Aquapur Flex


Bio Dren 50 Geo

Bio Roof Drain

Butyl Tex



Colodur Eco

Colodur Eco Matt

Colodur Eco Satin


EP Aqua Multilayer

EP Aquacoat

EP Coat 100

EP Coat F

EP Nivel

Epoxy accelerator


FloorTop 1K


Geomax Spray 200


Humidity Primer



Impermax 2K

Impermax 2K Flex VR

Impermax 2K M

Impermax A

Impermax Aqua

Impermax Aqua 2K

Impermax B 1K

Impermax B 2K

Impermax Cold Polyurea

Impermax Cold Polyurea Supreme

Impermax Cold Polyurea SF

Impermax EP

Impermax LY

Impermax Polyurea H

Impermax Polyurea H Flex

Impermax Polyurea H Flex Alum

Impermax Polyurea H Flex Fast

Impermax Polyurea H Supreme

Impermax QC

Impermax SF

Impermax ST

Impertop Fast 2K

Impertop Fast 2K SF

Impertop Fast Flex

Impertop Fast Flex S

Impertop Spray


Impertrans Eco


Kryptanate 100

Kryptanate 100 Flex

Kryptanate 100 LV

Kryptanate M

Kryptanate M Flex

Kryptanate Spray


Matting additive



Paintchlore 2K



Pavifloor EP

Pavistone 1K Arom

Pavistone 1K HV

Pavistone 2K

Pavistone 2K UV

Pavistone Epoxy LY

Pavistone Epoxy UV

Pellets EPDM and SBR

Pigment Paste PU

Pigment Paste PU Water Based

Pigment Spray

Polyurea H SL

Polyurea H SL S

Polyurea Primer

Polyurea Primer Flex

Polyurea Rayston

Polyurea Rayston A

Polyurea Rayston Fast

Polyurea Rayston P

Polyurea Rayston X5

Porosity Sealer

Porosity Sealer Flex

Porosity Sealer Flex 100

Primer GC

PU Primer

Pur Cat Additive

PU ZN Primer


Raycrete M

Raycrete P

Raycrete SL

Rayston Dren

Rayston Epoxy 100

Rayston Epoxy 100 LC

Rayston Epoxy 100 Gel

Rayston Fiber

Rayston Fiber 150 SF

Rayston Fiber Net

Rayston Fire 3 1

Rayston Fire E

Rayston Flex 70

Rayston Flex 90

Rayston Flex 3040

Rayston Flex Joint Geo

Rayston Floor D50 FR

Rayston Fluid

Rayston Foam

Rayston Insulate Plus

Rayston Prim PU 100

Rayston PU solvent

Rayston RCB-580

Rayston RCB-580 S

Rayston RCB-581 A

Rayston Spray 5090A

Rayston Spray D50

Rayston Spray Foam 50

Rayston Spray Foam 50w

Rayston Spray P3050R

Rayston Spray P5040

Rayston Spray P5040R

Rayston Spray P5060

Rayston Spray P5070A

Rayston Spray Primer 150

Rayston Top 1k

Rayston Vel

Rayston Vel Plus

Rayston X Drain

Rubber Mat / Rubber Mat Plus


Slow solvent PU

Super-accelerant PU

Super PU Primer



Thickening additive

Thixotropy additive

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