Hot application products

Projected polyurea and other spray products

The larger the surface, the more the application and the fast drying of the hot projected products are appreciated. At Krypton Chemical, for both products based on polyurea and polyurethane, we have a wide range of spray products for all your waterproofing needs. Below, you will find a small selection.

Waterproofing hot projected

Polyurea Rayston – Purea polyurea for contact with water

This pure polyurea is a product with excellent qualities, even among the hot projected products. It has a high chemical resistance and high mechanical properties. It meets the sanitary criteria of water quality, making it ideal for the waterproofing of both potable and residual water installations. Our pure polyurea is also suitable as a waterproofing for concrete structures or for secondary containment, landfills, tunnels, etc.

Impermax Polyurea H – Hybrid polyurea for covers

Impermax Polyurea H is a modified polyurea resin. It is a cheaper alternative to pure polyurea for the coating of concrete structures or roofs. It is slightly slower and more levelling curing than pure polyureas.

Impermax Polyurea H Flex – high flexibility and certification for bridge boards

Within the range of modified polyureas, Impermax Polyurea H Flex is a product of greater elasticity, especially designed for areas subjected to much movement. In addition, it has ETE certification for the waterproofing of bridge decks según ETAG033.

Impermax 2K – Hot-applied polyurethane for roofs

Impermax 2K is a two-component polyurethane membrane with moderate reactivity for the application of elastic membranes bridging cracks. It is fast-curing and solvent-free. It is ideal for concrete waterproofing works and roofs.

Polyurea Rayston X5 – expandable polyurea

This projected foam reaches up to five times its initial volume and is used in waterproofing systems both as a primer and as a waterproofing membrane on its own, with extra insulation.

Our link with the PDA – an added value

Krypton Chemical is part of the Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA Europe), the European Association for the development of polyurea. This allows us to always keep our customers informed about the latest trends in the development and application of projected polyurea. We guarantee to use this knowledge to offer the best service to our customers.

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