Parking roof

Rayston Proof PUA TECH PARK

Hot application system, the system consists of a primer depending on the support, a waterproofing layer by projecting our impermax POLYUREA H membrane in parallel, we will work with a second hot spray machine applying POLYUREA H SL as a rolling layer , in which if necessary we will sprinkle aggregate at saturation to create a non-slip surface.

A sealing coat will be necessary to retain the aggregate and complete the running layer, with our COLODUR top coat.


Rayston Proof PU PARK

The system for parking lots for cold application, is made up of a primer chosen based on the condition of the support, a waterproofing membrane for cold application, consult IMPERMAX range, normally applied by roller or airless machine, followed by a layer of IMPERMAX 2KM type tread. , in which we have the option of sprinkling aggregate if necessary and sealed with a one component aliphatic polyurethane, COLODUR.