Krypton Chemical is dedicated to the manufacture of Polyaspartic since 1999 together with the development and manufacture of resins for construction and industry.

In addition, in our facilities located in Hospitalet de l’Infant, Tarragona, we develop and manufacture our polyurethane resin,
Epoxy and Polyaspartic.

We manufacture for all types of waterproofing projects and pavement coatings as well as for industrial processes for protection membranes.




As a manufacturer, we not only develop products, but we accompany our clients throughout the work process.

In this way, it always has the support of the heads of the product with which they are dealing.

We do not sell products, what we offer are complete solutions to the needs of our customers.

These tests depend on such important factors as the type of surface, the execution time, and the use that should be given to the final result.


Our team of professional technicians will provide you with all your experience and knowledge to offer you the ideal system for your next project, be it waterproofing, paving or an application in an industrial process.

Krypton Chemical will have the perfect system and products for your needs.

Currently, Krypton Chemical as a manufacturer of products and other resins, offers a wide range of liquid application products that provide high performance solutions.

All systems are designed to provide durable properties and are perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Also, Polyaspartic is a fantastic material to be used as protection membranes in many fields.

The hot protection allows a homogeneous application of several thicknesses, different finishes and very fast curing.

In our range for industry you will find Polyurethane of ​​different hardnesses and flexibilities for all types of applications. Even so, it is still a very light product with great stability.

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