Containment of liquids

Containment of liquids

We waterproof our roofs when we do not want water to enter our homes. But many times we do not remember the waterproofing of those containers in which we do not want the liquid to come out of. This would be the case of tanks and water tanks, pools and ponds, but also of primary and secondary containment in the chemical, oil and water industries. At Krypton Chemical we have developed waterproofing systems and applications for any liquid containment need.

Rayston systems and products for liquid containment

Rayston products offer a long list of incredible mechanical and chemical properties that make them perfect for waterproofing all kinds of liquid ways or containers of many kinds. Especially our range of polyureas offers fantastic performance for industrial applications.

Rayston systems for hydraulic structures

When a material is in continuous contact with water, it should not only be very resistant, it should not release particles to the water and contaminate it in this way. Our Impermax and Polyurea Rayston membranes have the necessary certifications to ensure that contact with the liquid is safe for many years. Discover more about the amazing polyurethane and polyurea-based membranes that Krypton Chemical offers as a solution to water containment problems.

Rayston systems for secondary containment and containment of other liquids

Rayston polyureas have such good chemical properties and resistances that they are suitable even for waterproofing in industry. In the oil and gas industry, Rayston Systems are widely used for spill containment, applications in tank farms, sludge storage ponds, either directly on compacted soil or on concrete supports. Get to know all the properties and advantages of our polyureas and their enormous potential in waterproofing in industry.

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