Waterproofing systems

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about waterproofing is the roof of our house. Of course, there is a great variety of Rayston systems to waterproof roofs, balconies and terraces, but not only there we must prevend water and humidity to penetrate the surface. Our products and systems of cold or hot application, based on polyurethane or polyurea can be used as a protective layer against liquids in all the following cases and many more:

Roof waterproofing

Your roof protects you from the rain, our Rayston Impermax systems protect your roof. It does not matter if your roof is flat, inverted or passable, if you want to show off or if you just want to protect it. We have the right system for every type of cover. Visit our cover systems section and discover all the new possibilities.

Containment of liquids

What if instead of wanting to avoid getting the water in, we want to prevent it from coming out? No problem. In this section you will find several solutions for deposits, channels, fountains and pools or primary and secondary containment for oil industries, chemical, etc.

Other waterproofing systems

Wherever water can penetrate, there is a Rayston system to avoid it. In addition to systems for covering and containment of liquids, there are many other areas where our Rayston products and systems can shine and demonstrate their enormous potential. Metal or concrete structures, waterproofing bridge decks, foundations or parking decks under hot asphalt or concrete. Do you have a waterproofing project of this kind? Get to know here everything that Krypton Chemical can do for you.

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