Parks and gardens

Decorative pavements for parks and gardens

Surely you will have seen the beautiful floors made of decorative stone or colourful rubber that we can find in playgrounds and public gardens. These beautiful floors can be achieved with Rayston binders. The systems are ideal for squares, roads, tree pits and as a decorative element in landscaping, parks and gardens. The Rayston systems that we present below are aliphatic and draining, so they are perfect solutions for outdoors, but also indoors they give optimal results. Can you imagine the floor of an office made of agglomerated marble? Do not hesitate, because all this has been done with the Rayston systems.

Rayston Floor PU 40 Deco Ext- Beautiful natural stone floors

The system made from our Pavistone 1K resin is ideal for both exterior and interior. It resists UV rays, frost and intense pedestrian traffic. What else is needed? In addition, thanks to its chemical resistance and rough finish, it is an ideal choice for swimming pool surroundings. Have you ever known a more complete pavement than this one? And that's not all. In addition, it is incredibly attractive to the eye. The mixture of resin with marble stones offers a beautiful floor with incredible properties:

  • It is free of solvents and aliphatic, so it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is rough and non-slip (category 3), but very easy to clean.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • It’s draining.

Rayston Floor PU 40 Safety - Safety system for children's floorings

The PU 40 Safety system based on flexible mono-component polyurethane resin and EPDM rubber granules is used for the creation of anti-impact pavements for playgrounds. The play areas of the smallest cannot be equipped with a hard pavement where they can cause deep scratches and strong blows. The right choice is this comfortable and decorative system, with bright colours as animated as the children’s games.

  • It is free of solvents and aliphatic, guaranteeing the long duration of the colours.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • It’s draining.
  • Continuous application.
  • Custom designs.
  • Absorption of impacts.
  • Anti-trauma Ideal for sports and children’s play areas.

Rayston Floor EP40 Deco - Epoxy stone binder

The stone binder system also exists in an aliphatic bicomponent epoxy version. The Rayston Floor EP40 DECO system is an ideal option for floor covering in offices and garden decoration.

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, mortar and stone substrates
  • Product without solvents.
  • Great ease when cleaning.
  • Good resistance to abrasion.
  • Low maintenance.

If you need more information about other decorative solutions within the Rayston flooring systems, contact us and ask for information without obligation.


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