Pavement systems

We step on it, we stain it, we scratch it, and even then it supports us unconditionally. The floor of our house or where we work is something special and has to meet high demands for resistance and aesthetics. Krypton Chemical has developed pavement systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, polyaspartic and polyurea for any need.

Industrial pavements

Industrial pavements, such as floors in warehouses and factories, but also garages and parking lots, need to offer a very high resistance against the passage of vehicles, the spillage of chemical substances and other daily hazards. For these cases, Rayston systems are based on ultra-resistant epoxy or polyaspartic resins, which are ideal.

Hospitals and clean rooms

Do you need an antimicrobial system? Also for these delicate cases we have the optimal solution. With our antimicrobial systems, pavements in health centers or laboratories will be insured against microbes.

Sports facilities

Athletics tracks, basketball courts, or the floor of the municipal sports center. In Krypton Chemical we have a long list of various solutions for sports floors, comfortable and resistant.

Decorative pavements

Aesthetics always play an important role in pavements, but if you want to convert the floor into another decorative element for your project, at Krypton Chemical we have the solution. Self-leveling, comfortable pavements, for indoor or outdoor. We are experts in decorative pavements.

Commercial and residential pavements

The floor of our house has to be much more than just the surface we step on. It has to welcome us and turn the space into a home. Rayston flooring systems for commercial and residential areas have a lot to offer.

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