Quality Politics

The senior management of KRYPTON CHEMICAL SL takes into account the complex and evolutionary nature of the expectations of its customers, for this reason and, with this concern for improvement, declares and assumes the following commitments:


  1. Implement, maintain and continuously improve the Quality Management System; that constitutes the integrating and dynamic element of the company’s management.
  2. Periodically review the Quality Objectives to improve the effectiveness of the system.
  3. Give strict compliance to both legal and / or regulatory requirements, as well as any voluntary norm to which you decide to qualify.
  4. That the contractual requirements, the wishes and expectations of the clients are the criteria to establish the company’s performance pattern.
  5. Provide all the necessary resources to comply with this policy.


In KRYPTON CHEMICAL SL, with field of application in the development and manufacture of products based on polymer resins, for all types of waterproofing, flooring, anticorrosive coatings and industrial processes projects, as well as the commercialization of its complementary products, we want:

Satisfied people who, promoting the RELATIONSHIP AND LEADERSHIP STYLE, allow us to go ahead of the competition, promoting a Project oriented to INNOVATION through a SHARED LEARNING, based on OBJECTIVES by Departments and Processes, with Teams of RESPONSIBLE People, whose Satisfaction generated by the success of the Project and its personal and professional development, allows us to grow in knowledge, experience and creativity.

Facilitate the flow of information for the management of processes, services and increased knowledge, through the effective application of the appropriate information technologies.

Orienting customers, identifying and knowing them, both in their natural environment and in their visits to KRYPTON CHEMICAL, to meet their individual needs (including compliance with the legal requirements that apply), and surprise them by sharing that experience with other people, to favor a continuous learning and integration that allows to assure its confidence and its FIDELITY.

A close collaboration with external collaborators based on ethics and effectiveness, seeking the maximum mutual satisfaction that will allow the achievement of our Strategic Thoughts.

Hugo Herault

General Director

L’Hospitalet de L’Infant, 04 of February 2020