Self-leveling resins

Self-leveling epoxy and polyurethane floors

The self-leveling products are a very requested solution for flooring, due to its easy application and its smooth and uniform finish. Incorporated in a Rayston flooring system, they become a complete solution for the needs of many commercial and industrial floors, homes, and even pavements in workshops and parking lots with very high resistance requirements.

Types of self-leveling products

Depending on the conditions and requirements of the work, Krypton Chemical will advise one or the other of the following products:

Paviflex - Flexible high resistance pavements

Pavifloor is a two-component polyurethane product that, when dried, forms a rigid coating. It is resistant to abrasion and scratching. It is suitable for interiors since it does not contain solvents.

Pavifloor EP - The epoxy self-levelling coating of considerable thickness

Pavifloor EP is an epoxy based self-levelling coating without solvents and maintaining a certain flexibility. It is suitable for flooring at industrial premises and offices, parking lots and warehouses. It offers the possibility of making pavements 2-5mm thick in a single layer.

Paviflex - Flexible high resistance pavements

Paviflex is a flexible polyurethane floor with good resistance to abrasion and scratching. It is ideal for interior coatings such as homes, offices and restaurants.

Paviflex A - Durable coloured flooring

The aliphatic version of the Paviflex. It allows the application of pavements of bright and clear colours without the need of an aliphatic finish.

EP Level - Self-leveling Epoxy

Self-levelling epoxy coating pigmented and rigid for the protection of concrete pavements. Bright and low chance of yellowing.

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