Products for floors

For our floors we will only accept the products with the best finishes, colors and touches. But in addition to being beautiful, they also have to endure significant daily aggressions. At Krypton Chemical we have an ideal flooring product for every situation and system.

Self-leveling products

The products in our self-leveling range have incredible strong properties and are available in a wide variety of colors. In addition to obtaining a finite and smooth finish, of course.

Epoxy paints for floors

The paints and thin-film products are excellent finishes for flooring systems. They offer great resistance to abrasion and scratching to protect the system from below.

Multilayer products

Multilayer systems with aggregate mixtures have incredible strength properties, but not all products are made to be applied with aggregates. Here you will find our multilayer products.

Mortar for floors

Discover our cementitious polyurethane mortar for applications in high aggression conditions.

Binder products

For the precious decorative systems for parks and gardens these binder products are needed for natural marble stone and recycled rubber.

Hot projected products

Discover our hot application product for floors. A polyurea hybrid self-leveling with quick curing.

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