Pedestrian walkway



Rayston Proof PUA BASIC

Hot spraying system consisting of the application of a primer that will be defined based on our needs marked by the type of support and the application of the IMPERMAX 2K waterproofing membrane, since it is not protected, it is usually applied in Red oxide type colors


Rayston Proof PU BASIC

Manual application system by roller or airless machine, it is advisable to pass the barbed roller with the product still fresh, choose between the IMPERMAX range, normally it will be applied in Red oxide type colors.


Rayston Proof PUA ALUM

Hot application system consisting of a primer according to surface requirements, a waterproof base layer formed by our POLIUREA H FLEX ALUM, the pigment based on aluminum pigments makes the polyurea do not change color and therefore does not need an aliphatic protector to more to more we obtain good properties of solar reflection.



Rayston Proof PUA PLUS

Hot application system, consisting of a first application of primer according to substrate requirements, application of IMPERMAX POLYUREA H waterproofing intermediate layer, sealed with COLODUR aliphatic topcoat.


Rayston Proof  PU Plus

Cold application system consisting of a primer defined depending on the support, an intermediate layer of mono-component or bicomponent polyurethane from the IMPERMAX range, sealed with aliphatic flexible polyurethane, for example COLODUR, if this cover is to be converted into COOL ROOF, the seal will be applied normally in two coats of the same COLODUR in white, with this system we will obtain a cold cover, thus obtaining an SRI index of 105.